Literally everyone in the world tuned in to see the world favourite Manny Pacquiao take on the world champion Floyd Mayweather. There was promise of an intense high-octane boxing match to be remembered for generations. The reality was slightly different and we all had to endure a fight until the end with not much happening other than Mayweather backing away constantly. Yeah yeah it’s all about technique blah-blah-blah.

If you were looking for an actual thrilling fighting masterpieces look no further than Third Act favourite, the movies! Here are 6 fights we felt were better than the Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao fight.

Captain America: Winter Soilder (Elevator Scene)

Already featuring on our list for best scenes of 2014, we have to share this video again as it was the turning point for me from ‘Captain America is a dorky-goody-two-shoes’ to ‘Captain America is a BADASS‘.

Marvel’s Daredevil (Hallway Fight Scene)

Continuing the trend of Marvel we have the latest addition to the Marvel roster, Daredevil. If you haven’t seen this TV series, what is wrong with you?! Do it. Now. This scene is electric and all done in one take!

Oldboy (The Corridor Fight Scene)

Obviously we’re referring to the original Oldboy here. The remake was better than expected but still doesn’t hold up to the original.

300 (Astinos and Stelios)

The master of slow-motion, Zack Snyder, triumphs with 300 and although the scene with king Leonidas is typically quoted as one of his best fighting scene this scene is also spectacular. Who knew Michael Fassbender was in 300?

Raid 2: Berandal (Kick Them all)

My personal favourite martial-arts film had to make a feature on this list. Although the scene that follows this is top-notch, this scene still holds it own with cringe-making leg breaks and excellently choreographed fight sequences.

Bridget Jones Diary (Mark ‘The Kingsman’ Darcy Vs Daniel ‘Loverboy’ Cleaver)

Yes, this is still a better fight than the Mayweather Vs Pacquiao match.


Is there any fights you felt were better? Share your suggestions in the comments below.