Let’s not beat around the bush – Marvel’s Daredevil, the first of five brand new gritty superhero dramas from Netflix and the team behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a easily one of the best new TV shows of 2015. Telling the classic tale of blind lawyer-turned-vigilante Matt Murdock and his quest to bring justice to the New York neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil has proven itself to be a complex, intense, and layered crime drama, as well as an exciting and action-packed superhero adventure.

With Season Two already confirmed and in pre-production, as well as the recent casting of The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal as the Punisher, now seemed as perfect time as ever to put together our list of what we card-carrying DD fans would love to see in the show when it returns in 2016.

*SPOILER ALERT* The following article contains HUGE spoilers for both Season One of Daredevil and the ongoing comic book series. Do not proceed should you wish to remain spoiler free! 

1. Elektra & Bullseye!

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

Kudos to showrunner Steven S. DeKnight for not shoehorning both of these major characters into Season One. Great as they are, their respective storylines would not have meshed well with Season One’s superb Kingpin story arc, nor would they have been given the attention to detail and the development they deserved.

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

But with Wilson Fisk out of the picture (we’ll come to him later), Season Two seems a good a time as any to introduce Matt Murdock’s ex-lover turned Assassin Elektra Natchios, and his greatest adversary, master of murder Bullseye. The two character’s stories become intertwined and lead to some explosive twists in the comics, and with the Kingpin out of the picture, both Elektra and Bullseye’s presence could fill the void left by the show’s chief villain. The various fight scenes between Daredevil and the two assassins would look amazing, and there’s plenty of opportunity for some interesting flashbacks to their mysterious pasts.

2. The Dark Path of Karen Page

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

Karen Page, played by the brilliant Deborah Ann Woll, is already a character not to be trusted. Her murder of Wesley in Episode 11 was shocking to say the least, and clearly this is only the start of her character’s dark descent. Despite being the love of Matt Murdock’s life, in the comic books, Karen also makes some terrible and selfish choices, leading to nothing but pain and misery for her and Daredevil.

Done right, it’s certainly a story that could pay off with plenty of solid, heartbreaking drama and shocking twists. The writers have already laid the groundwork for such a storyline. Now all they need to do is run with it!

3. No Kingpin till Season Three!

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

Vincent D’onofrio’s interpretation of Wilson Fisk, AKA the Kingpin of Crime, was one of the stand-out characters of Season One. His multi-faceted, murderous yet relatable take on the classic comic book villain was inspired, at times posing audiences with a tough choice over whose side to take in the war between Matt Murdock and Fisk.

But with Wilson behind bars (for now!), it would be wise for the showrunners to refrain from bringing him back too swiftly. Use Season Two to build up his return, have him only cameo a couple of times, then have him released from prison as a end of Season cliffhanger, leading into a huge explosive return in the following Season. Doing it this way would allow the writers to tell a new story with new villains, and also lay groundwork for big moments involving Fisk’s criminal empire in future seasons. Bear in mind, in the comics, Karen’s respective storyline revolves heavily on the return appearance of the Kingpin.

If the showrunners want to adapt classic DD stories like Born Again in future seasons, then they should take their time and lay the basis early on. It’ll make for great future seasons.

4. Other Lesser Known Villains

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

We all know the Punisher will be turning up as one of next season’s big-bads, and it’s more than likely that Elektra and Bullseye will be showing up as well. But the show should also try to include some other, lesser known Daredevil villains.

The Man Without Fear’s rogues gallery is certainly interesting to say the least. Melvin Potter has already been introduced (he designed DD’s red suit in the season finale) and there’s plenty of hints in that episode that he will become the Gladiator, a disturbed individual who kills people with buzzsaws attached to his own suit of armour. There’s also scope to introduce characters like Ikari, an assassin who possesses the same extra-sensory powers as Matt Murdock, and Mr Fear, a terrifying villain who uses a fear gas and drugs to make his enemies go permanently insane.

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

Oh, and we’re sure the showrunners are already on it (check out Episodes 7 & 9), but if the Hand could start making their presence felt more, we’ll all be in fanboy heaven!

5. Crossovers!

5 Things We Want In Marvel’s Daredevil Season Two

We all know that Daredevil is part of a larger plan cooked up by Marvel and Netflix, and we’ll be seeing ol’ Hornhead eventually teaming up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in The Defenders mini-series. But with DD being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, surely there’s some opportunity for crossover with other characters from the movies and TV Shows. Daredevil has long-standing friendships with characters like Peter Parker and Black Widow, both of whom we’d love to see turn up for a guest spot in the show. Likewise, wouldn’t it be cool to see Matt Murdock cross paths with Agent Phil Coulson at some point? After all, the guys at S.H.I.E.L.D regularly investigate meta-human activity, so why wouldn’t they check up on the masked vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen?

Of course, Daredevil operates in a bleaker, darker section of the MCU then the movies do, and much as we love how everything connects up, we don’t want Daredevil to become a show that simply becomes ‘Guest Star of the Week’. But a little Spider-Man cameo couldn’t hurt, right?

What would you like to see in Daredevil Season Two? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. Daredevil Season 1 is available to watch instantly on Netflix.