Marvel’s latest endeavour comes in the small packaging of Ant-Man (yes, his name is Ant-Man, let’s move on from that… jeez), who is the latest superhero to join in with the super-powered fun that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, even though this is a Marvel film, even though Ant-Man is set to become an Avenger, and even though it has received great reviews, many people are still sceptical about a film where the main character’s only ability is to make himself small.

Hey, I get it. Not cool, right? Look at Iron Man. Now look at Thor. Now at The Hulk. Now Ant-Man… (Thank you, Old Spice advert) Doesn’t seem to fit with what we’ve grown to expected from super-powered beings. Let me try to sell you the Ant-Man film with 5 simple points.

5 Reasons You Should Give Ant-Man a Chance

1 – The “Ant” part of the film is actually awesome

Don’t leave! I’m being honest. You learn more about Ant-Man’s abilities and it’s actually pretty cool when explained in full that it’s more than just turning really small. There are some awesome action sequences in this film that couldn’t have been done with any other hero (*Handed note* who the hell is Atom?). The world of the miniature is quite stunning on the big screen. How many times have you harped on about there being “no original ideas” in Hollywood? Here it is folks! (*Handed another note* what in the hell is a comic-book?)

5 Reasons You Should Give Ant-Man a Chance

2 – You already love Paul Rudd, what’s changed?

Yeah, you may think Anchorman isn’t all that (I’d keep that opinion to myself, plenty of people would disagree with you) and you may not have enjoyed This Is 40, but don’t you dare lie to me about not liking Clueless! I don’t care if you’re a grown-ass man, you wanted Cher Horowitz (I can’t believe I remembered her name) to get with Josh; of course you did, everyone did! That was because we all love Paul Rudd in whatever he’s in. Him and Phoebe were a match made in heaven. Just ask yourself, what’s changed? How did Paul Rudd hurt you (show me on this doll)?

5 Reasons You Should Give Ant-Man a Chance

3 – One-part Superhero movie, two-parts Heist film

This is just-another-superhero film. Marvel is experienced in making superhero films, and now, in order to stay fresh they need to shake things up. Captain America: The Winter Solider had more of a 70s-spy-thriller-feel to it, and Guardians of the Galaxy had a Star Wars-feel to it. Marvel don’t simply make superhero films anymore, they make different genre films that happen to feature superheroes. Ant-Man is no exception, this film is more of a heist film first and a superhero film second.

5 Reasons You Should Give Ant-Man a Chance

4 – It’s funnier then you’d expect

Think of the sheer amount of ant-related puns and innuendos there are out there! That’s no small feet. If you’ve seen the trailers and they made you laugh, there are plenty more jokes like that in the film. Ant-Man was directed by Peyton Reed who did Yes Man and The Break Up. He is a comedy director and it really shows in Ant-Man. Combining a comedy director like Peyton Reed with the comedic actor Paul Rudd is a recipe for hilarity.

5 Reasons You Should Give Ant-Man a Chance

5 – Not so little…

Without ruining anything, you’re getting more than you’ve bargained for. There is more to the film then what the trailer presents. Yes, there are comedic elements and yes it’s “another” superhero film, but this film delivers a lot more that I wouldn’t want to ruin for you.

So please go and see this film (don’t make me beg!). If you need more convincing, check out our written review.