As recently covered on Third Act Film, a deal has been made between Sony and Marvel Studios that means Spider-man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This mean he’ll be appearing in films alongside fellow white heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Hulk, and black secondary characters War Machine, Falcon, Heimdall and Nick Fury (this observation will become relevant later).

Don’t get me wrong, as both a nerd and a film fan I’m as excited to see this as anybody, but I can’t help but feel like this is going to do more bad than good, and here are a few reasons why…

1 – Less Spider-man

5 Reasons Spider-man Joining the Marvel Universe is a Bad Idea

So, one of your favourite characters has joined one of the most prolific film studios in the world. Great! We should get ready for a lot more Spider-man. Or should we? When Infinity War is done with, there are going to be more than fifteen potential franchises on the books at Marvel Studios. Even at three films a year (which is realistically the most they’ll be able to make), that means there’s going to be up to FIVE YEARS between every solo instalment. Alright, some of the more popular characters might get films more frequently, and with appearances in Avengers films and other crossovers, we could see the character more often, but that’s really not a lot. With Spider-man at Sony, we could have potentially been seeing one film set in the Spider-man universe a year. Alright, the three most recent films were crap, but that doesn’t mean things couldn’t be turned around.

2 – No More Ginger Cats

5 Reasons Spider-man Joining the Marvel Universe is a Bad Idea

I make no secret that I hated the both of The Amazing Spider-man films, but one thing they got very right was the casting of Andrew Garfield. Yes, he was way too old to be playing a high-school student, but that’s a problem Hollywood has struggled with in general, not just in the Spider-man films. He was witty and charming as Spider-man, and bumbling and awkward as Peter Parker (although waaaaaaaaaay too handsome). This (re)reboot means we’ll be getting another actor in to play the web slinger, and while this actor might end up being the best Spider-man ever, there’s a big chance we’ll end up with somebody much less suited to the part.

3 – Too Many Cooks

5 Reasons Spider-man Joining the Marvel Universe is a Bad Idea

Something a lot of people have misunderstood about this deal is that Spider-man is not back at Marvel Studios. They have permission to use the character (and other characters from the Spider-man comics) in their films, and Sony will continue to make the solo outings. This could get very muddled, and it means that the two separate studios will have to consult each other before making big story decisions. Imagine half of New York gets blown up in an Avengers film. Sony now have to have a half-blown up New York in their film. Imagine Sony want Peter Parker to lose one of his legs? Sorry Marvel, Spidey’s one limb down. When it was all in-house, all decisions were made by the same people, but now there are a lot more people to satisfy.

4 – Red, White and Black

5 Reasons Spider-man Joining the Marvel Universe is a Bad Idea

Remember that time in the intro where I said something about race, and then said it was going to be relevant later? Well, that’s now. Marvel are really making the effort to diversify their roster of characters, and most people agree they’re doing a good job. To be honest, a lack of diversity doesn’t really bother me as long as the films are good, but given the chance, having a more diverse group of characters is a good thing, and a more accurate representation of the real world. Well, here was the chance, and it’s gone. To make something complicated simple, there is an alternate universe version of Spider-man called Miles Morales, who is half black and half Hispanic. Peter Parker is a great character, but he’s been done twice in less than fifteen years, and it’s time for somebody else to have a go, especially considering the high demand and popularity from fans.

5 – Spider-man is Awesome

5 Reasons Spider-man Joining the Marvel Universe is a Bad Idea

There are very few characters in comics that are popular enough, and have enough good characters to carry their own universe. Batman, X-men, maybe Thor and Green Lantern but that’s about it. Spider-man has a ridiculously long list of great villains and story lines that could all be explored. One thing he also has that most characters don’t is a lot of additional hero characters, which would be essential in expanding a cinematic universe.


Do you feel the same as I do, or is there nothing that can ruin your excitement for the biggest comic book movie event of all time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.