When Kingsman: The Secret Service was pushed back a few months from late 2014 to early 2015, I, along with lots of other people got worried. It’s usually a bad sign when a film is moved back, especially into January / February. Even so, the trailers did a good job at building my excitement. Fortunately, when I finally got to see Kingsman, I was blown away, and there was one thing that was on my mind throughout. This is what the Bond franchise should be. With the latest installment Skyfall, the 007 franchise is so far from where it started, and where it should be, so here’s a list of reasons Kingsman: The Secret Service is better as a Bond film than Skyfall.

Warning! This article may contain some spoilers. No plot details will be revealed, but I will discuss some scenes and moments that weren’t in the trailers.

1 – Fun

5 Reasons Kingsman is a better Bond film than Skyfall

What’s happened to all the fun in the Bond franchise? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about Roger Moore era silliness, because there’s a big difference between silliness and fun, and Kingsman hit the nail on the head. It had laugh out loud humour throughout, whereas Skyfall was pretty much a downer throughout, with only one or two smile inducing moments (yes, Bond straightening his tie after jumping from a digger onto a train is one of them).

2 – The Henchman (or woman)

5 Reasons Kingsman is a better Bond film than Skyfall

The Bond franchise has had some of the best henchmen in history. Jaws, Oddjob, Nick Nack, May Day, Xenia Onatopp, and, erm, nobody in the Daniel Craig films. Kingsman has one of the coolest, most Bond like henchmen ever seen, and it would be a real bonus if the next Bond film, Spectre, could bring back this tradition. The casting of Dave Bautista gives me hope…

3 – Gadgets

5 Reasons Kingsman is a better Bond film than Skyfall

One of the many, many things I hated about Skyfall was the way it openly mocked the previous films in the franchise. One of the worst moments for this was when Q (here terribly stereotyped as a massive NEEEEEEERD, the only thing he was missing was a nosebleed) gives Bond his gadgets for the film, and they make fun of the ‘exploding pens’ he used to be given. NO! We love grenade pens. We don’t like invisible cars, but we like briefcases that hides guns, knives and tear gas. The scene in Kingsman where they get their gadgets is ridiculously awesome, and I could do with more of that in future Bond films.

4 – The Music

5 Reasons Kingsman is a better Bond film than Skyfall

The music in Kingsman is the perfect orchestral spy film score. It has the kind of music that gets you excited and ready for action, but also nervous, as it helps to build tension. The music in recent Bond films has been so unmemorable and even unnoticeable, and they could do with some of the flair and intrigue the music in Kingsman had. Also, Skyfall is possibly the worst Bond theme song ever.

5 – A Realistic Depiction of England and English People

5 Reasons Kingsman is a better Bond film than Skyfall

This is a big one. The biggest one. I often have trouble when I watch English or British films, because a lot of the characters are so unrealistic. Having lived in England my whole life, the majority of people I know are English, so I have a good understanding of what English people are actually like. In Kingsman, the English characters felt so natural and realistic that I didn’t stop for a second to think about the usual issues I have with these types of characters. The same goes for the depiction of England, especially London. The scenes in Skyfall that are set in London feel so fake, especially the scene on the tube, which is a complete joke to anybody who’s used it during rush hour.


There are many other things I could talk about here, Bond hasn’t been this charming, suave or cool for many films. The Kingsman agency was just the right side of unbelievable to be fun and awesome with being distracting. It doesn’t turn into Home Alone 6 (there are five of these already?). The other agents actually seem capable. The plot might be silly, but at least it’s not trying to be realistic but actually is full of holes. The fact that there isn’t a romance shoehorned in for the sake of it. The tone is consistent throughout, which is one of the biggest problems Skyfall suffers from.

So, have you seen Kingsman: The Secret Service? Have you seen Skyfall? Which is better? Share your thoughts below.