Even though it only came out a few days ago, Jurassic World has already received a lot of praise. Generally, people are enjoying it very much, which isn’t always the case when a sequel comes out more than a decade after the previous instalment and more than two decades after the last good film in the franchise. Here are five reasons we believe Jurassic World isn’t just a good film, but a perfect sequel.

5 Reasons Jurassic World is a Perfect Sequel

1 – The (Jurassic) World Has Changed

It’s been a long time since 1993, and the world has changed a lot since then. Jurassic World did well to bring the franchise into the present day in more than one way. The theme park was created in such a way that, for the most part, it felt like it could be real, something the original Jurassic Park did incredibly well. It also felt like a modern blockbuster, something the other Jurassic sequels didn’t quite manage to capture.

5 Reasons Jurassic World is a Perfect Sequel

2 – Nostalgic Nods

Jurassic World is filled with nods to the original film, but at no point are they distracting. They’re included so that fans of the franchise can feel smart when they notice them, but they’re subtle enough so that new viewers or people who don’t pick up on them don’t get distracted. Easter eggs like these will also make multiple viewings much more enjoyable.

5 Reasons Jurassic World is a Perfect Sequel

3 – Stakes

In the first film, there are only a handful of people trapped on the island. In this film, the park is fully operational, there are thousands of people in danger. On top of that, the Indominus Rex is bigger, scarier, and, thanks to a few nice surprises, feels a lot more dangerous than any dinosaur we’ve seen before in this franchise.

5 Reasons Jurassic World is a Perfect Sequel

4 – It’s Real

Everything about this film feels right. As I’ve already said, the park itself is depicted in such a way that it feels completely real, but more importantly than that, this film takes what is essentially a ridiculous prospect, and manages to explain everything in such a way that it feels like it could all happen. I mean, it couldn’t, but it’s nice to imagine…

5 Reasons Jurassic World is a Perfect Sequel

5 – The Feels

This feels like the original Jurassic Park in almost every way. It perfectly captures the sense of wonder and excitement when the park is being explored but also has the same sense of fun, and most importantly, fear. The horror aspect of the original was a big part of the film, and Jurassic World has a few sequences that are genuinely tense.


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