Summer is almost over (did it even begin?), and with the cold dark nights almost upon us, it’s probably going to be best to stay indoors, wrap up warm, pile up on the snacks, and binge watch some truly awesome TV shows! Here at Third Act, we’ve been waiting impatiently for these shows for ages now, and with their respective premières growing ever closer, we’re presenting our quick and easy guide to what you should be watching this autumn!

We’ll be taking a look at some returning favourites in a bit more detail next week, so don’t expect your favourite show to make this list. Do, however, expect to read about some truly exciting stuff that will no doubt have us glued to screens right through till winter.

5 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See This Autumn!

1. Ash vs. Evil Dead

Arriving on the Starz Network this Halloween, expect plenty of gore, horror and laughs in this spin-off from the bats**t crazy horror franchise. Created by legendary master of horror Sam Raimi and starring the iconic Bruce Campbell, returning as chainsaw-armed monster hunter Ash, Ash vs. Evil Dead follows the immature, middle-aged killer of monsters as he takes on a new and powerful Deadite plague that threatens humanity.

If you haven’t seen the hilarious and completely bonkers trailer that played at Comic-Con earlier this summer, then it’s absolutely worth a look. Think The Walking Dead crossed with the tongue-in-cheek humour of Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, and you have yourself all the ingredients you need for an absolutely insane and entertaining comic gore-fest!

5 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See This Autumn!

2. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Netflix and Marvel Studios bring one of the company’s lesser known and more-recent characters to the small screen later this year, with Jessica Jones hopefully continuing and building upon on the success that was Daredevil way back in April.

Based on the character created by superstar comic authors Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos in 2001, Jessica Jones follows the adventures of Jessica, a retired one-time superhero turned private investigator, as she deals with cases related to super-powered individuals.

Starring Breaking Bad‘s Krysten Ritter and developed for Netflix by former Dexter showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Jessica Jones looks set to be an entertaining and dark superhero drama with a unique twist. With bigger ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the show also introduces other Marvel characters including Hellcat, the Purple Man and the star of the next Marvel/Netflix Original Series Luke Cage. Above all else though, it’s another major high concept television drama to feature a strong female lead character, something Netflix shows above all others seem to do extremely well.

5 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See This Autumn!

3. Jekyll & Hyde 

ITV launches this brand new 10-part drama later this autumn, based on the classic book and character created by Robert Louis Stevenson, but with a new take on proceedings, giving the classic tale of a man-turned-monster a fresh and exciting feel.

Scripted by Charlie Higson (The Fast Show, Young Bond), Jekyll & Hyde sees the story unfold in 1930’s London, and follows Robert Jekyll, the grandson of the original Doctor Jekyll, who discovers he is cursed with the same affliction that befell his ancestor. In moments of rage or stress, he transforms into a violent and powerful alter-ego, one whom cannot be controlled. Jekyll must discover the truth of his secret family history and the curse that has befallen him, all the while avoiding a shady organisation that has its sights set firmly on Mr Hyde!

Starring Tom Bateman and Richard E. Grant, Jekyll & Hyde promises an exciting and imaginative take on the classic story. Our interest is certainly peaked!

5 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See This Autumn!

4. Ballers

Dwayne Johnson. HBO. Comedy. Need we say more?

Well, actually yes, because Ballers looks set to be an intriguing addition to the schedules this autumn. It’s already aired in the states, but we Brits are finally getting the chance to see it this September on Sky Atlantic. A flashy, stylish comedy in the vein of Entourage, Ballers follows Johnson as Spencer Strasmore, a retired american football champion who becomes a financial adviser, whose job is to sign and mentor younger players for the NFL, all whilst trying to move forward after a long career in the spotlight.

So far, so average. But there’s no denying that the idea of Johnson in a regular TV comedy produced by the masters of big event television HBO  is certainly appealing. The ever excellent Rob Corddry also co-stars, which gets us even more hopeful for what could be one of the funniest, slickest new shows this year.

5 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See This Autumn!

5. The Muppets

The one we’re actually most excited for! The Muppets return to TV full-time this fall, in their first full series since 1998. Created by The Big Bang Theory‘s Bill Prady and The Simpsons writer Bob Kushell, the show takes an inside-look at the private lives of the Muppets, all whilst they try to put together their own TV Show. Shot mockumentary style, the show is chock full of gags for both kids and adults alike, and is equally full of the kind of meta-humour, hilarious celebrity cameos, songs and slapstick that has made Kermit, Piggy and friends household names.

Still not sold? Then check out this awesome 10-minute pilot that aired at Comic Con in July. We guarantee you’ll be tuning in week by week for it!


Well there you have it, is there any shows you’re looking forward to this autumn? Share in the comments below.