Family’s often have a bunch of traditions on Christmas Day and in 2015 they can range all the way from turning off all electronics and sitting by the fireplace to live-tweeting the whole deal. For many families sitting down and watching a film can be a big part of the day, here are the top 5 favourites for the big day its self:

5 Most Popular Christmas Day Films In 2015It’s a Wonderful Life

This film is just a classic and one of the many reasons it will be watched as tradition is that it is always shown on TV on Christmas Day. If you haven’t seen it and might be wary of the hype just bear in mind that it is 69 years old this year and still considered one of the best festive films every made. To Frank Capra and James Stewart I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and the year after that!

5 Most Popular Christmas Day Films In 2015

Die Hard

Especially in the last few years Die Hard has gained extraordinary momentum among social media warriors everywhere. When I was young it was a fun argument to have with your friend:

“Die Hard is a Christmas movie”
“No it isn’t”
“It’s set at Christmas”
“It’s got guns”

Now it’s a divider in fandom. However we can all agree that it’s a great flick. To John McTiernan, Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman Ho Ho Ho I have the box set ready.

5 Most Popular Christmas Day Films In 2015

A Christmas Story

One of the most hilarious comedies about a child trying desperately to get a gun you will ever see. Also strangely not particularly well-known in the UK, however very big in many other places. It is beautifully directed, and acted to perfection showing a side to Christmas others find almost impossible to capture. If you haven’t caught this one it’s really worth a watch. To Bob Clark, Peter Billingsley I know I haven’t been great, but that present I asked you for… maybe next year.

5 Most Popular Christmas Day Films In 20155 Most Popular Christmas Day Films In 2015

Miracle on 34th Street (BOTH)

I know I’m cheating, but it’s genuinely hard to choose which one is my favourite: The concept is spectacular and the execution is fantastic in both cases, also it might be the only true Christmas courtroom drama in existence. My verdict is this: The original has a better legal explanation and a more angry Santa, however THIS year we will be more likely to watch the re-make because of Richard Attenborough’s impeccable depiction of the man himself. They weren’t just whimsical figures, they were symbols.

5 Most Popular Christmas Day Films In 2015

The Muppet Christmas Carol

You’d be lying if you gave me a list that didn’t have this in. The Muppet Christmas Carol is often considered one of the best adaptations of the Dickens classic specifically for its sheer accessibility for an audience aged one to a million. If you ask me when you have children involved I’d pick this over Die Hard every Christmas (No offence John) Special thanks to all at The Jim Henson Company and Michael Caine for this slice of fried gold.

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Those were the most popular Christmas Movies we’ll probably be watching this year. Did I miss a really important one? Post it below! I’ll let the Honorable mentions be up to you guys and gals.

And to all a good Night.