In a recent behind the scenes look at Captain America: Civil Warit was revealed that Scarlet Witch is going to be much more in control of her powers, effectively providing her with a giant upgrade. This got us at Third Act thinking, which other Avengers deserve (or need!) a step up in their powers? No real rules here, we’re just looking at which heroes have done things in the comics that their movie counter-parts haven’t come close to.

5 Avengers That Need a Power Upgrade


Thor is one of the most powerful heroes not just in Marvel comics, but in all comics, with a frequent debate being who would win in a fight out of him and Superman. Firstly, he’s a much more powerful magic user than you think, but let’s face it, it’s all about his hammer Mjolnir. In the comics, Thor has used the hammer for various incredible feats, including the time he created a ginormous tornado, which magically rebuilt Asgard, and when he used it to hit the phoenix force, an entity so powerful it normally takes the whole Avengers team and more to take it down, and caused it to fly back thousands of miles. He can also fly faster than light, so it would be great to see him really let loose in Ragnarok.

5 Avengers That Need a Power Upgrade


Alright, we’ve only seen him once, and yes, at that point in time, and as he said himself he ‘was only born yesterday’, but Vision is capable of doing some incredible things. The main thing I would like to see him doing more of is phasing through matter, which can have some incredible applications, not to mention the fact that he’s ridiculously smart and strong, and is capable of being a father! Let’s see Ultron do that…

5 Avengers That Need a Power Upgrade

War Machine

This may not directly relate to War Machine, but in more recent comics, James Rhodes has been in control of an entire fleet of drones. It was great in Age of Ultron that we got to see him flying around and getting involved, especially using that massive shoulder mounted cannon, but imagine if in Civil War (perhaps after his arc reactor is ripped out?) he gets to stay back where it’s safe, while a swarm of suits go after some of our other heroes.

5 Avengers That Need a Power Upgrade

The Hulk

So we’ve already seen The Hulk effectively being used as a last resort, because he’s simply too powerful, but I think he haven’t seen anything yet. Sometimes the comics can go a bit too far, like the time he held up an entire mountain to save the rest of the Avengers, but there is one thing I want to see improved – his punching power. The Hulk can punch a person in the face, and they end up in orbit. He can also travel very long distances in a single jump, which we haven’t properly seen since 2003’s Hulk, which at least got that one thing right.

5 Avengers That Need a Power Upgrade

Tony Stark

I want to make a distinction here, I’m not talking about Iron Man, as he seems to get new abilities in every film anyway, I’m talking about Tony Stark as a genius. He is without question one of the most intelligent people in the universe, and while we do get to see some of the great technology he’s built, especially in Age of Ultronhe can do so much more. The list of things he’s built is way too long to get into here, but I would love to see him become a social recluse, and spend weeks working on one thing that helps save the day.

Which Avengers do you think need a power upgrade? Share any thoughts in the comments.