In an era where we’re seeing superhero films break the billion dollar mark on a yearly basis, and have some of them spoken about, if not nominated, during awards season, the latest film to be adapted from the comic book world is the reboot of Fantastic Four. Currently sitting at a painful 9% on rotten tomatoes, and having a less than impressive opening weekend, making only $26.2 million in America, it’s safe to say it’s been a critical and commercial flop. But is it really that bad?

Some people are calling it the worst Fantastic Four film ever. Are you forgetting that dance scene? THAT DANCE SCENE? Allow me to refresh your memory.

If nothing else, , this film didn’t have anything as bad as that. Alright, I’m going to stop comparing it to the other Fantastic Four films, and start explaining why it doesn’t deserve the heat it’s been getting. So let’s get on with this list… Before I continue, I’m going to give spoiler warning for Fantastic Four 2015.

4 Good Things About Fantastic Four (What’s the Deal?)

1 – It’s Horrible

No, not in that way. I’m talking about the first moments when the characters are discovering their powers. I was genuinely shocked at some of the imagery, and it takes a lot to do that. These are characters who were in a lot of pain and distress, and we could see it on their faces. Watching Reed Richards looking at the flaming body of Johnny Storm, or thinking Ben Grimm is trapped in a pile of rocks is distressing. This scene perfectly captures how horrible it would be to have this happen to you and your friends.

4 Good Things About Fantastic Four (What’s the Deal?)

2 – Doom

He doesn’t look great, I’ll give you that, and his back story has been changed quite a lot, that is true, but they did get something very right about Doctor Doom. He’s incredibly powerful, and he thinks that normal humans are beneath him. The scene where he’s walking through the military facility just blowing up heads captures how powerful he is, that he doesn’t care about humans, and how little effort it is for him to kill people. He was a bit under developed, but the bits we did get to see were good.

4 Good Things About Fantastic Four (What’s the Deal?)

3 – The Torch and The Thing

Not all of the effects in this film are perfect, but The Human Torch and The Thing both look incredible. These effects are as good as anything I’ve ever seen in a film. At no point do either of these characters look anything other than real, and even though they don’t look like their comic book counterparts, they are perfect for the darker tone of this film.

4 Good Things About Fantastic Four (What’s the Deal?)

4 – The First Hour

Most of the reviews I’ve seen have one thing in common. People like the first two acts, or the first hour of this film. That’s more than half of the run time. A lot of people like more than 50% of this film, and it’s not hard to see why. The way this film builds toward the ‘accident’ is exciting. The scary elements, and many other things about the early stages of this film really work.


This film is by no means perfect, and there are things about it that are actually quite bad, and I can’t deny it, but this isn’t a bad film. People heard about the problems, and I can’t help but think they wanted to hate it. Am I the only one that thinks that this might be the case? Share your thoughts in the comments.