This week Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials was released. This is a franchise that has surprised us here at Third Act twice now with how good is, so to celebrate an underrated franchise, here are 10 thing you didn’t know about the Maze Runner franchise.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Maze Runner Franchise

1 – Sprint finish

The first Maze Runner film was shot in just 42 days

2 – Nice to meet you

The very first scene that was shot was the scene where Teresa arrives in The Glade, surrounded by 30 boys. I’m sure that was fun.

3 – The Glade?

The setting for the first film, The Glade, had a bit of a snake issue during filming. It was so bad that the filmmakers had to hire snake wranglers to sort it out. The biggest snake they found was a 5 foot rattlesnake, although I don’t think it would a professional to find that…

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Maze Runner Franchise

4 – Sleep tight…

The director Wes Ball had the cast spend a night in the snake pit as part of their ‘boot camp’ training process.

5 – So romantic!

Lone female cast member Kaya Scodelario said that her favourite moment to film was the scene where her and Dylan O’Brien spent the days up a tree together, because they got to know each other much better. Dylan O’Brien’s favourite moment to shoot was his fight scene with Will Poulter.

6 – Sequel time!

Now onto The Scorch Trialsa film that was originally only going to get made if the first film made enough money. That ending would’ve been very unsatisfying had it not become a franchise.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Maze Runner Franchise

7 – Maze of Thrones

This film shares three cast members with the TV show Game of ThronesThese are Aidan Gillen, Thomas-Brodie Sangster and Nathalie Emmanuel.

8 – Divergent?

According to director Wes Ball (the same guy who got children to sleep in a field with snakes), The Scorch Trials differs from the book it’s based on, however the third installment in the franchise, The Death Cure will return the franchise to following the books more strictly.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Maze Runner Franchise

9 – Too many Brendas

The role of Brenda had a lot of actresses attached at some point, including Adelaide Kane, Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Roberts.

10 – Don’t do a January

The final film in the franchise, the aforementioned The Death Cure will move away from post-summer release date the first two films went for, instead going for a January 2017 release. Hopefully that won’t be an indication of how good (or bad) it might be.

Is there anything interesting about The Maze Runner franchise that we’ve missed? Feel free to add more interesting facts and trivia in the comments below!